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HOT COMPRESS:  Applying a warm compress just before waxing will ease the discomfort of this service by softening the skin and opening up the follicle for easy hair removal. 
CLEANLINESS:  Please arrive freshly showered for your body waxing appointment.
LOTIONS/CREAMS:  I appreciate you arriving clean for your waxing appointment - please refrain from using any body lotions/creams - oily skin and wax do not mix.
LENGTH OF HAIR:  For optimal results - the hair should be 1/4" or 1/2" long for all body waxing.
WHAT TO WEAR:  Loose clothing is recommended to avoid skin irritation after the service.
MENSTRUAL CYCLE:  During this cycle, the skin will always be more sensitive (even with facial chemical peels).  I recommend that you make your appointment a few days before or after your cycle to avoid added sensitivity.  
PAIN MANAGEMENT:  If you are concerned with level of your pain tolerance and you are able to take Ibuprofen, I recommend you take this approximately 30-45 minutes before your appointment.
MEDICATIONS:  Please discontinue the use of Retin-A, Renova, Glycolic or other over the counter  topicals 7 days before and after waxing.  If taking oral medications such as Accutane and Differin, other skin thinners and blood thinners - waxing is not recommended.
DIABETES:  Waxing can be unsafe for those with Type 1 and 2 diabetes due to poor circulation and healing.  Please consult with your physician before scheduling your appointment.  A release form from you physician is recommended. 
SUN EXPOSURE/SUN PROTECTION / SUNBURN:  Please wait 2 weeks after a recent sunburn before waxing.  Please do not expose the waxed skin to the sun for 48 hours.  Sunscreen is recommended to avoid skin discoloration and other complications.
SKIN IRRITATION:  After waxing, the skin will feel smooth due to the dead cells that are lifted during the waxing process.  Every skin type will respond differently to this services.  Redness and bumps is considered normal and will disappear within a few hours of this service.  Over time and with frequent waxing, the skin will become acclimated to this service.
Eyebrows        $18
Lip                    $12
Chin                 $10
Ears                $12
Sideburns       $19
Full Face         $48
Full Leg w/toes   $65
Half Leg                $45
Full Arms             $40
Forearms             $30
Underarms         $28
Nape                    $10
Back and Shoulders       $55
Chest                                 $55
Lower Back                      $35+