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Skin Care Treatments

I aim to offer you the best treatments

Every skin treatment I do will vary from each guests, every guest has a unique skin type and skin issues.  I design every facial treatment for your exact complexion and your specific needs.
  1. 1
    Essential Ageless Facial $55
    Perfect for all skin types. A relaxing and deep cleansing facial exfoliates dead/dry skin, extractions to clean out impacted pores and a rejuvenating french clay mask to detoxify and brighten the skin. EVERY THURSDAY ONLY $49
  2. 2
    Head to Toe Pampering Spa Facial $80 My ULTIMATE Spa Facial!
    Relax while we start this treatment with a light aromatherapy scalp massage. A steam facial, exfoliation, extractions will follow and is perfect for every skin type. A cooling peppermint foot/leg scrub and mask will soften and revive tired legs/feet that includes a pumice scrub to your foot heels and finished off with an invigorating leg/foot massage. It's 75 mins.of pure bliss!
  3. 3
    The Essentials Spa Treatment $110
    This treatment is a must have. Includes My Signature Facial and a one hour Relaxation Swedish massage, I incorporate hot basalt stones and steam towels to assist loosening up tight muscles and connective tissues and come on, the stones and steam towels feel amazing. This is my most requested and so beneficial treatment.
  4. 4
    Essential Back Facial Treatment $55
    This menu item is addicting. Just like a regular signature facial but done on back. This treatment is super hydrating for your back. Honey is wonderful at protecting and rejuvenating with its antioxidant properties. As skin rejuvenates, hydrogen peroxide properties aid in cleansing. EVERY FRIDAY ONLY $50
  5. 5
    Acne Clarifying Facial $65 GREAT results for break-out prone, acne or oily skin types!
    South Texas weather makes for some oily skin and can often lead to break-outs. This facial is top notch and extremely effective for these skin types. A 20% Salicylic Acid Mask will effectively kill bacteria, exfoliate dead surface cells and inhibit oil production without drying out your skin and without any downtime. *Not recommended for those allergic to aspirin, sensitive skin or those with darker complexions.
  6. 6
    Amazing Pumpkin Enzyme Peel $65
    Salicylic Acid naturally occurs in pumpkin which allows the removal of dead surface cells for rough, uneven skin texture. Pumpkin is a powerful antioxidant, it's packed with vitamins, enzymes and nutrients that gives the skin a healthy natural glow. *Not recommended for sensitive skin or those allergic to aspirin
  7. 7
    Adrianna's Teen Facial $55 (ages 12-18)
    Teens struggling with mild breakout prone skin or lower grades of acne benefit greatly from this facial. A clay mask/exfoliant will slough off dead skin cells and allow for easy extractions. Deep cleansing, exfoliant, extractions and acne gels/serums will gently and effectively treat youthful problem skin.
  8. 0
    MICRODERMABRASION $60 Every Tuesday $49 & FRIDAY BLOWOUT only $45 Individual results will vary.
    SERIES OF SIX *MICRODERMABRASION: $306 (15 % savings) Best results when administered every 2 weeks during series Best results after 4-8 consecutive treatments. Series of 3 $162 (10% savings) Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical procedure that forces the regeneration of new skin while simultaneously stimulating production of healthy cells, collagen, and elastin. Treatment of the entire face takes place with no discomfort. The procedure is described to feel like a light suction running over your face. Very minimal side effects result from this procedure.
  9. 8
    All the benefits of that a microdermabrasion treatment give you - I add a more luxurious touch to the anti-aging treatment with extractions, added serums and a soothing neck/shoulder massage.